Market Information, Intelligence, Access & Capacity Building of FPO

To create rural livelihood opportunities through collective enterprises, our team worked with JOHAR (Jharkhand), a World Bank funded project of Department of Rural Development. Project has direct impact on 200,000 tribal farmers in the state with strong focus on women farmers.

All the FPCs under project could do a total turnover of Rs. 240.00 Mn during the project period, which is a kind of benchmark.
Established Agri-Marts and Livestock Service Centres (LSCs) for ensuring supply of quality inputs to farmers in the remotest area.
Created a niche market for backyard poultry for realising better prices to the farmers.
Established transparent marketing mechanism for vegetables, fruits and goatry by establishing required infrastructure, training and market linkages.
Developed a customised app for getting market information access on regular basis.

Small peanut holder development program for higher income and water use efficiency in Junagadh (Gujarat)

STPL partnered with GIZ for identifying farm and non-farm livelihood activities for rural poor in selected blocks of Junagadh e. For proper implementation and adoption of better livelihood opportunities, the team supported in:

Setting-up demonstration of potential livelihood activities
Setting-up demonstration of drip and sprinkler irrigation for groundnut
Trained 3,000 project beneficiaries on potential livelihood activities