Synergy’s Agribusiness Academy is a unique initiative to deliver our learning experience and know-how to young agripreneurs, farmers’ collectives and budding corporate managers. We aim to bring real-life experiences of subject matter experts and professionals in the agriculture, rural and allied sector for improving understanding, knowledge, skill level and efficiency of stakeholders, who would like to strive higher and lead the change in the sector.
Our team works on tailor-made programmes as well as standard syndicated courses for the target audience. To make these training programmes effective, an interactive approach is adopted using case studies and real-life examples.

Agriculture production

New inputs and innovative production practices and technologies are changing the agriculture landscape daily. Thus, producers need to keep themselves abreast of these changes to remain competitive. Additionally, there is a wide impact of climate change on agriculture production pushing producers to adopt climate-resilient agriculture practices. Through our team of agronomists, pathologists, agriculture engineers and industry experts, we help producers in coping with these changes by keeping their knowledge levels updated.

Statutory compliances, Accounting and Finance

One of the biggest challenges for new businesses is to understand the statutory compliances and the requirements for licenses, approvals and certificates. Moreover, the finance function of any organisation, in addition to complying with general accounting requirements, needs to evolve as a complete accounting as well as MIS system for tracking business performance and supporting key decisions. To facilitate the same, we train accounts and finance professionals of FPOs / Agri-enterprises in adopting best practices, tools and technologies concerning documentation.

Operations management

Operations of agri-enterprises are complex and need special training to handle highly perishable and semi-perishable products with prescribed protocols. Our expertise and understanding of products’ post-harvest behaviour and our global exposure to modern technologies and standard operating procedures (SoPs) help entrepreneurs in minimising the production losses and optimising output.

Governance of Agri-enterprises

For farmers’ collectives (FPOs), governance is an important area to ensure success. In many cases, FPOs are unable to achieve their goals due to poor governance and management structures. Also, the lack of a mechanism for active engagement of shareholders and members in business decision-making renders FPOs unsuccessful. We, at Synergy Technofin, have delivered customized training and provided handholding support to key stakeholders for facilitating effective governance of agri-enterprises.