In India and across the globe, agribusinesses and rural livelihood sectors are witnessing many changes. Every moment, curious young minds are experimenting with new business models, out of which, a few have been able to taste success. Apart from success stories, the learnings from failures during an entrepreneurial journey are equally important and have lessons for many others.
At Synergy, we strive to create a platform to impart such stories and learnings to relevant stakeholders for crafting a better tomorrow. These learnings can help in framing better policies, developing effective institutions and creating successful businesses.
Such programmes and events are organised online as well as offline to reach out to a maximum number of stakeholders.

Trade events (B2B, Buyer-seller meets)

Emerging institutions such as FPOs are emerging as potential channel partners and suppliers for many organisations. Through trade events, we help agribusinesses in finding the right partners for doing business in India and vice versa.

Campaigns and awareness programs

Our presence in the agribusiness field has helped us in understanding the socio-cultural aspects of various rural communities. This helps us in designing customised rural campaigns for various initiatives and creating awareness for a specific initiative or programme at the community level.

Conferences and workshops

In agribusinesses and the rural sector, cross-learning is important given the varying level of development and adoption of technologies and practices within the country as well as across the globe. Through conferences and workshops, we bring diverse ideas, practices and policies to a common platform to either identify the best one or devise new hybrid solutions while developing a consensus.